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Welcome to AlQASIM GREEN UNIVERSITY TOEFL preparing Testing Center

First of all, I would like to express my greatest respect and welcome to all dear students to our website. May I thank you very much for spending your invaluable time visiting ours to learn about our history, new information, management and our progress as well as our plans for the future. Based on the good will of loving education and the intention to take part in developing human resources for Growth, Employment, Equity and Efficiency. We established Al QASIM GREEN UNIVERSITY TOEFL preparing Testing Center To ensure the Education Quality for students, the center has set out its prime motto (Quality, Efficiency, Excellence, Morality, Virtue) for the future. In order to partly contribute to achieving the Rectangular Strategy and the five mottos successfully, the center has established managerial structures for every level to meet the requirement and to play an important roles in order to support educational service at every level effectively. The center has conducted training course to strengthen skills for every personnel of every field to better the work quality and done pedagogical courses for all teachers to assure that everyone has enough ability to carry on their duty and done every mean to insure that the students who are graduated can effectively use their knowledge in English to compete within local and international labor markets successfully. The center has also promoted the education of social morality and advised students to clearly know their identity, to love our country, to respect national laws, to obey institute’s internal regulations and to have solidarity between students and students, students and teachers, and the management and staff, and not to discriminate against status and social class, especially, to build good relationship among center, AlQASIM GREEN and society and to follow the three study principles: Learning from Center, Learning from Work and Self-study.

AlQASIM GREEN UNIVERSITY TOEFL preparing Testing Center has structured its education system into main program:

-English as a Second Language (ESL) .
It is an American-standardized program. The text books being used are sponsored by AlQASIM GREEN UNIVERSITY. For the students who study at High Advance Level, they will be awarded certificates: -The certificate issued by ALQASIM GREEN UNIVERSITY Head Office. -in collaboration with The International certificater TOEFL issued by English Language Testing Ltd from London, UK and TOFEL done by ETS(Educational Testing Service) from the USA.
- International Test Preparation Program
It is the course which is carefully designed to prepare the students for international tests/exams. We offer three international courses: -TOEFL iBT Training and Preparation Course Authorized TOFEL iBT Test Center-It is authorized by Educational Testing Services located in the USA. The test results are recognized in more than 160 countries in the world. For all educational programs, we have set out clear study schedule by categorizing lessons into month, trimester and semester; every campus has the same course length including course commencement, exam and exit exam date. In short, all ALQASIM GREEN UNIVERSITYI campuses operate their academic activities based on only one standard called ALQASIM GREEN UNIVERSITY Standard. Our teachers, both local and foreigners, are academically qualified with PhDs, Master and Bachelor’s Degree and have practical teaching experience to provide quality teaching to our students. The center has installed modern teaching equipments in each classroom according to its level and grade such as VCD, OHP, LCD Projectors, Listening Lab and Internet, pictures, slogans, sayings, proverbs, and formula posters; every classroom has air-conditioner and equips with camera to observe students’ study activities and teachers’ teaching performance. We are also proud that all campus buildings, which are equipped with 150KVA generators and complete study facilities, belong to ALQASIM GREEN UNIVERSITYI Group.

Finally, I would like to thank you once again for your visit to our website.We are looking forward to welcoming You and all students to our center We wish you good health and success in all work.

Prof.DR.Hasan Al-Awady

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خلاصات التحديث الاخبارية

أيضاً في اخبار جامعة القاسم

  • مركز التعليم المستمر بجامعة القاسم الخضراء ينظم حلقة دراسية بعنوان (مرض خدش القطة Cat scratch disease أو حمى خدش القطة (

    مركز التعليم المستمر بجامعة القاسم الخضراء ينظم حلقة دراسية بعنوان (مرض خدش القطة Cat scratch disease أو حمى خدش القطة )

  • وفد من وزارة البيئة جامعة القاسم الخضراء للتباحث حول كيفية الحفاظ على البيئة

    ضمن برنامج العمل المشترك بين وزارة البيئة وجامعة القاسم الخضراء زار وفد من وزارة البيئة ترأسه الأستاذ المهندس لؤي صادق المختار مدير قسم مراقبة الكيمياويات وتقييم المواقع الملوثة بالوزارة كلية علوم البيئة بالجامعة حيث كان باستضافته السيد رئيس الجامعة الدكتور حسن كاطع العوادي والسيد عميد الكلية الدكتور حازم عزيز الربيعي ونخبة من اساتذة وطلبة الكلية حيث جرى التباحث حول كيفية الحفاظ على البيئة من مخاطر الملوثات والمواد الكيميائية السامة في العراق وكيفية التعامل معها من اجل ايجاد نظام وطني تسيطر عليه جهات متخصصة بدءا من مراحل الأنتاج الى الأستيراد والنقل والاستهلاك فضلا عن الاطلاق والتصاريح لتحقيق اقل مخاطرمحتملة تنجم عنها المواد الكيميائية والتي يمكن ان تؤثر على الصحة العامة

  • مطبعة الجامعة تطبع الدفاتر الامتحانية لكليات الجامعة

    جهود استثنائية وبتوجيه مباشر من قبل الاستاذ الدكتور حسن كاطع العوادي رئيس الجامعة قامت كوادر المطبعة المركزية بالجامعة وبوقت قياسي بطبع الدفاتر الامتحانية الخاصة بجامعتنا ومن جانبه اكد السيد عبد الله بدر محمد العوادي مدير المطبعة المركزية بالجامعة تم تكليفنا بطباعة الدفاتر الامتحانية لكافة المراحل الدراسية ولكافة الكليات وتم انجاز العمل وتسليم الكليات حسب الموعد المحدد وبجهود استثنائية ووقت قياسي حيث بلغ عدد الدفاتر الامتحانية المطبوعة بحدود24 الف دفتر امتحاني واشار العوادي "ان الدفاتر الامتحانية " امتازت هذا العام بطباعة تختلف عن الاعوام السابقة من حيث طبيعة المعلومات المثبتة على الغلاف البدائي والنهائي وعدد الاوراق المستخدمة داخل الدفتر

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